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Положение HAM Spirit Contest — HAM Spirit Contest

HAM Spirit Contest Rules

“No political, religious, military or commercial purposes are pursued in the amateur radio service”. The Amateur’s Code by Paul M. Segal, W9EEA (1928)

Based on the radio amateur code, the «Central Siberia DX-club» founded an annual contest for all radio amateurs of the World - "HAM Spirit Contest"

The contest will be held on the last full weekend of October - CW
and last full weekend in November – SSB
Scoring time 24 hours.
Starts 06:00:00 UTC Saturday.
Ends 05:59:59 UTC Sunday.
Six bands only: 160 м, 80 м, 40 м, 20 м, 15 м, 10 м.

Radio amateurs from all over the world who have a radio amateur license are invited to participate. The goal is to improve amateur operating skills by conducting 2-way radio communications with as many amateur radio stations around the world and from as many ITU Zones and square Fields of the QTH Locator as possible on the HF bands.


Single Operator Category:
a) SOAB - High Power: Total Output Power must not exceed operator’s license limits
b) SOAB - Low Power: Total Output Power must not exceed 100 Watts
c) SO Single Band: Low and High power - single nomination. Competitors may operate on all bands, but only on one of them can apply.

One person (the operator) performs all operating and logging
The entrants may use QSO finding assistance technology or other source that provides call sign or multiplier identification such as
CW decoder, DX cluster, DX spotting Web sites, e.g.
There is no limit on band changes.
Single operator stations are only allowed one transmitted signal at any given time.

Multi Operator, Single Transmitter, High Power
Only one transmitting signal is allowed at any given time.
Exception: One, and only one, other transmitted signal may be used if it is on a different band from the run transmitter and the station worked is a new multiplier.
There is no limit on band changes.
Alternate CQs on two or more frequencies using the same band
is prohibited.
Output power (PEP) is limited by the terms of the owner's license.

All operators must comply with the rules governing the operation of amateur radio stations in their country.


Exchange number consists of a signal report RS(T), number of their ITU zone and QTH locator square Field.
Examples: 599 27JN, 599 28JN, 599 42MM, 599 42MN, 599 32NO, 599 32OO.
The ITU zone and Squares Fields should not have separation to put them into log.

The final score is a result of Total QSO Points multiplied by the total sum of worked multipliers.


The QSO with station in your own ITU zone, regardless of the square, count one (1) point.
The QSO within your continent but with a different ITU zone count three (3) points.
The QSO with a different continent and ITU zone count five (5) points.
The QSOs with /MM stations count three (3) points regardless of where they are.


The multipliers on each band are various combinations of ITU zones and Squares Fields. Examples: 27JN, 28JN, 42MN, 42MM, 32NO, 32OO are six different multipliers.


The final score is a result of Total QSO Points multiplied by the total sum of worked multipliers.


Logs are accepted ONLY in electronic form in CABRILLO format. Logs are loaded through the Web interface of the site ua9qcq.com. All LOGS must be sent WITHIN SEVEN (7) CALENDAR DAYS after the end of the contest. Any log received after this date is accepting for CHECKLOG only.

QSOs are not counted in the following cases:

  • if the QSO is not confirmed by the correspondent's logs;
  • if there are errors in the call signs or/and in the received control number;
  • the QSO time differs by more than 3 minutes in correspondent's logs;
  • if no report is received from the correspondent or/and the correspondent is “unique” (call sign
    occurs in less than 3 contest logs);


The award board are awarded to participants who performs the best three results in each of the categories.
Electronic certificates will be awarded to everyone who submits an entry.
The winners of the multiplier territories (Examples: 27JN,
42MN, 32OO … etc.) in each Entry Category will be awarded by еlectronic certificates
Amateur radio or other organization, as well as individual radio amateurs, may establish and sponsor their own awards.

Contest software:
N1MM, TR4W, DXLOG, 5MC and any other loggers that support IARU HF Championship.

Identifier QTH locator Sector:

Home:: https://hamspiritcontest.ru/