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Краткие итоги HAM Spirit Contest – CW 2023 — HAM Spirit Contest

HAM Spirit Contest – CW 2023 short summary

Good day, dear friends!

The deadline for submitting reports to the judging panel to determine the winners has ended and it is possible to sum up small results on the number of participants in the telegraph stage of HAM Spirit Contest 2023.

1. The contest website was visited by 2,450 radio amateurs from 72 countries.
2. Total visitors to the page with the Contest Rules on QRZ.RU – 15634.
3. As of the deadline for receiving reports (05.22.2023), the judges' website received reports from 558 participants from 36 countries.
4. TOP 10 participants by countries (not Russia): DJ – 17, UN-11, I-11, EW-10, OK-9, PA- 9, SP- 7, F- 8, LZ-6, EA- 6.
5. The contest participants were divided into subgroups as follows:

SubgroupParticipants Max QSO
SOAB HP1311465
SOAB LP 2671165
Checklog 30551

TOTAL: 558

The next SSB stage will take place on November 25-26, 2023.